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Education Visit -Students from UCSI University ,Kuching Sarawak
pada 12 October 2011


Trip From Centre Modern Management Kuching ( CMM ) 

Berebut nak makan Our Crispy Fried Mushroom

Trip From Inti College, Kuching

Annual Trip from UPM , Bintulu Since 2009

A group from Institute CECE

Surat yang diterima :

Attention To : Mr. Eric & Ms Florence
Mayang Tea Sdn Bhd

Visit to Mayang Tea Plantation and Mushroom Plantation

With reference to our conversation pertaining to the above, I wish to confirm that our institute wish to organize a visit to your plantation.

For your information, Institut CECE is an institute conducts courses in early childhood education and community education.

Please observe the details of the visit as stated below:

Date : 5th June 2009 (Friday)
Arrival Time : 10:00am
No of visitors : Ten (12)
Purpose of visit : Social Studies Project

We thank you for your kind consideration and arrangement and hope to meet up with you to express our gratitude during our visit.

Best Regards

Yap Kooi Siam
Programme Coordinator

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